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River City Development is dedicated to constructing quality commercial structures that exceed our client's expectations. Our extensive experience in building in North East North Carolina brings a vast array of qualified local sub-contractors. This, in turn, produces a quality project that is completed within budgetary estimates and scheduled completion dates.


MoneysWorthMoneysWorth Linen Service - Elizabeth City, This 20,000 sq.ft. "state-of-the-art" linen facility can process more than 1,620 pounds of laundry per hour. The facility's semi-automated equipment utilizes environmentally friendly "Green" technology, reducing the need for chemical processing, which lowers the water consumption. The thermal-oil gas fired iron is the most efficient in the industry and reduces the need for the sheets to be run through a dryer. Based on the technology, hot water is not required for cleaning most linen and the lower water consumptiondischarges a reduced amount of effluent for treatment. The discharge from the washing machines was dumped into a conretetrench to allow for evaporation prior to flowing into the sewer system, again, an effort to reduce the amount of treated wastewater that would eventually flow into our rivers. The project is located within the Pasquotank County Commerce Park. We started site work on the subject property in January, 2008, and the facility opened for production in June, 2008. The new equipment had special requirements for the electrical, plumbing and natural gas. Prior to installing the equipment, the floors were cleaned and treated with a two-part epoxy paint finish.

The new Milnor Tunnel System recently installed at MoneysWorth is the latest in "Green-Technology" this system is the first of its kind and applies recycling of waste-water as well as energy in the form of BTUs (heat).  The design reduces water consumption by more than 65% and through recycling of the water reduces the amount of waste-water that goes through the sewer system for processing.  Through the application of Green Design, the waste water is run through a heat exchanger that transfers the heat from the waste-water warming up the cold water coming into the building.  This reduces the amount of energy required to heat up the intake water.

This new system can process up to 150lbs every 90 seconds equating to 3 tons an hour.  After the laundry is sorted the loaded bags automatically drop into the tunnel. The linens come out through a press and loaded automatically on to a shuttle which carries the "cakes" to the dryers and loads the dryers.  After the linens are dried they are carried over and fed in to towel or sheet folders where they are ironed folded and stacked according to size.

The dryers are designed to be more efficient and dry towels in as little as 14 minutes, reducing the amount of gas that a standard dryer would use by almost 50%.  The efficiency of this system is unparalleled.

MoneysWorth MoneysWorth MoneysWorth

Shuttle and Dryers

Iron and Folder

Iron and Sheet Folder

MoneysWorth MoneysWorth MoneysWorth

Milnor ETech interface Display showing bags and washing progress coordinates the drops

Towel Folder

Milnor Tunnel Washing Machine

MoneysWorth MoneysWorth

Self Loading System by ETech

Packaging Machine

The heat exchanger is designed to utilize the existing heat from the waste-water to heat up the intake line coming in to the building.  This process transfers heat (BTUs) from the waste-water to the cold water saving energy by reducing the rise in temperature.  This system also recycles rinse water from the tunnel and uses this water as the initial wash water.

MoneysWorth MoneysWorth MoneysWorth

Facility Layout with irons in the foreground and rail and tunnel system in the back

Heat Exchanger

Sort Line with monitors

"In the spring of 2008, Moneysworth Linen Service built a 20,000 sq ft commercial laundry in Pasquotank Commerce Park.  Brant Wise as the General Contractor went above and beyond in making the project come in on time and one budget.  His personal attention to detail is unlike anything I have seen before.  He personally guided us through all the steps and built a show case industrial facility.  His work with the subcontractors was superb and he foresaw any obstacles early and had a game plan to deal with them.  It is not too far to say that any other contractor would not have been able to complete this project to the level that Brant was."

John Keenan
Moneysworth Inc.

PanRidge Commerce CenterPanRidge Commerce CenterPanRidge Commerce Center - Currituck County
, The subject project consisted of developing a 10,000 s.f. commercial building that offered combined warehouse and office space. Tenant build-out included a pool maintenance company, a custom furniture maker, which required specialized wiring for equipment and an exhaust system for a paint booth. A linen service/cottage maintenance company and a marine trailer manufacture company also occupied the building.

St. Waves PlazaSt. Waves Plaza - Waves, NC, This 24,000 square foot shopping center was built for NorRaj, LLC, as a multi-tenant structure. The tenant up-fit included Island Pizzeria,Daniels Seafood, Kitty Hawk Sports and Just for the Beach. The steel frame building was covered in the rear with Hardieboard siding and the front had a two tone brick veneer along with brick support columns in an effort to customize the building so that it had a more custom appeal. Sitework consisted of raising the building pad by almost three feet requiring over 300 loads of sand. The project, including sitework, was completed in 7 months.